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We provide Fully Managed

In the Web Hosting industry, the definition of "Fully Managed" varies from one provider to the next. If you ask ten different web hosting providers, you will most likely receive ten different answers. Because of this, we very clearly document what we consider to be fully managed. First, we don't provide different levels of management; this is because all of our servers are Fully Managed. Provided below is our definition of what we consider to be "Fully Managed". If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of our technicians.

Hardware Administration

We closely monitor all customer's hardware to pro-actively identify and resolve any hardware issues in order to provide the highest possible levels of uptime and performance. We have physical access to most servers managed by Ronelgon, and have spare equipment on hand in order to perform quick replacements on bad hardware if necessary. Ronelgon uses only quality enterprise grade hardware in all our servers. Each and every server is built with the same Supermicro hardware we use on all our own servers, and are all properly cooled server-quality rackmounted servers.

Software Administration

Ronelgon will provide the complete installation and configuration of your server from start to finish. This includes configuring everything needed to start populating the server with your customers, including the configuration of cPanel, nightly backups (onto additional backup hard drive), and all other necessary software. Our team will pro-actively apply security patches to your server as necessary only after communicating with you to arrange a convenient time. Our technicians closely monitor all aspects of the server, 24 hours per day, in order to ensure the highest possible uptime, as well to provide you valuable insight on your server's performance.

Most importantly, we treat your server as our own. Our 24/7 system administrators will monitor your server as if it was our own.

True 24/7 Coverage

Our team are always in the building. We are a true 24/7 company. We have a large base of technicians and managers that work round the clock, and are available on hand whenever you require assistance. Even if it's 4am on christmas day!

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