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Ronelgon Backup Desktop Console pictures

The pictures below demostrate how the Ronelgon Backup Desktop Cosole appears on your computer/laptop once installed;

Once our software is installed on your computer/laptop, the STATUS Button will show you whether the last backup did complete or not and more information as seen above

The Backup button is where you select from the folders and files you may which to backup on your computer/laptop. In the picture above, you see that a user had ticked  several folders to be backed up

The Schedule button is where you choose how you want the backup to run. You can decide to run it continuous -where by every file you save in a backed up folder, it will immediately be backed it up to a remote server or local backup .

The Restore button, is where you select from the backup to restore. You can choose to restore on the same location where the backup was or to another location using the advanced options button

With the options button, you get to learn more about getting started with Ronelgon Backup

The My account button, gives you details regarding your Ronelgon ID, number backups to local and cloud servers,etc.

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